Installation automatic backup ISPmanager with Backup services

Installation automatic backup ISPmanager together with our product Backup(Lite,Standard,Advanced,Ultimate).


This instruction for ISPmanager 5 version.

Log into ISPmanager panel ( )

Go to menu "Backups" -> submenu "Storages".


First you need add and configure new storage.
Push "Add", choice type FTP/FTPS for storage.
Then you need configure other attributes:


  • Name - name what will be shown in the interface.
  • URL - IP (you can search in mail with access setting our Backup service).
  • User - Ftp user (also can got in automatic welcome mail).
  • Password - password for ftp user in previous step.


For ended configure storage press button "Finish"
Now storage created and can be use.
Then you need configure backup plan with new storage.

Menu "Backups" -> submenu "Settings"
Press button "Add".

Configured backup plan depending on their requirements, automaticaly will be used storage which you created in previous steps.
Start backup plan you can selecting needed plan and press button "Run".


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